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En kort berättelse

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Hej hej
Hoppas att allt är bra med er. Äntligen så har vädret blivit bättre. Senaste har det regnat välidgt mycket :/
Men vi ska inte prata om vädret just nu haha
Jag har fått en uppgift i engelska och jag ska skriva en kort sida på engelska, jag ska visa hur mycket engelska jag kan. Jag måste ju förbereda mig innan och jag övar att utvecklas på engelska. Jag skulle vilja dela med er om historien och förhoppingvis kan ni kommentera om det, positivt eller negativt spelar roll. Många av er kanske inte vet at tjag skulle vilja bli författare. Jag har alltid älskat böcker ändå sedan jag föddes. En varning innan ni läser: 
Mitt syfte är inte att bli en perfekt författare utom att kunna skriva någonting som får er att vilja läsa. Jag skulle vilja veta om jag borde fortsätta skriva eller inte?
Rubrik av historien har jag inte bestämt mig än, ge gärna några förslag!
Berättelsen börjar så här:

‘’ Don’t abandon me, please. ‘’ Jeremy said with a break voice and
‘’ No, I never would abandon you, Jer. But you have to listen to me that I’m going to Toronto with family. I can’t stay here. I can’t stay here in Seattle anymore, here with you. You must understand that I never want go from you but I care about my family, more than I care about myself. I’ll follow them until I’m eighteen. It’s just two years left. My family needs me, I’ll come back, I promise. Do you trust me?’’ she asked. He left his head and  she see his beautiful blue eyes, blue like the sea, his face like an open book and the face says he’s hurt. She realize that she loved him. She loved him with all parts of her heart. But she can’t say her feelings to him. Not now. He had to believe that they never can be together. He can’t waiting for her in two years, he’s just 16 years old, he need to stay in Seattle, going to school and live a normal life. She watch at him. He began come against her and kisses her cheek then he says with soft voice and she didn’t breathe in few seconds.
‘’ I do. I love you, Theresa. ‘’

Five years later

‘’ Theresa!’’ I screamed. She stood ten step foots from me and she had a long white dress and her soft brown hair flew out in the wind. She was so beautiful. I hadn’t met her in five years and suddenly she was there. I began to come closer but she shook her head. She didn’t want me to come closer. Instead I said
‘’ Why don’t you want me to come closer? Didn’t you missed me? Why are you here?’’
She blinked and began answer with soft voice ‘’ You don’t understand, Jer. I can’t be here but I have to. I must warn you about one thing. I’m in dangerous. I’m not what you think I am. I wanted to protect you from myself and everything about me. I thought I could protect you by moving but I was wrong. They knows about you and they will come after you. You have to fly, you can’t stay here anymore. That’s too dangerous for you. I don’t want to lose you, please, trust
me ’’.
‘’ Like last time I trusted you?’’ I said with an angry voice and Theresa twitched, ‘’ you promised me that you will come back to me. I trusted you and I waited for you and did you realized how I felt when I knew you were gone and wouldn’t come back? I cried. I didn’t come to school in six weeks. I didn’t ate or slept. I loved you. So I wouldn’t trust you now! ‘’
‘’ Jer, I’m so sorry….’’ Theresa begun. 


‘’ Jeremy, are you awake? ‘’ said a voice. That feels unfamiliar for Jeremy. But that’s wrong, that’s his girlfriend Emma, who called for him. He realized that he was late to school. It’s just a month until exam. He waked up and feel warm of the sun and his eyes is watching around his bedroom, Theresa isn’t here. That was just a dream. She wouldn’t come back after five years and just saying that he was in dangerous?  It’s a lot of clothes at right and at left, which Emma is stand up with violet t-shirt and a dark blue jeans, her green eyes was staring at him.
‘’ Hmm, yes’’ he answer. He’s feeling like he didn’t slept in two days. He had been so busy at last time with studying, girlfriend and thinks about Theresa, of course. He missed her so much and he hadn’t see her in five years and suddenly she was there. Alive. In his dream. But he don’t feel at same way as he did for Theresa. He feel a bit of hatred.
‘’ Are you okay? You look like you’ve see a ghost’’ Emma said. That feels like he had seen a ghost. He hadn’t heard from Theresa in five years and she was like a ghost in his dream.
‘’ I’m okay. Just a nightmare. Don’t worry. Would you make a coffee and a blueberry cupcake for breakfast?’’ I answered. She smiles and walks away.
His phone rings and he’ll check who it was.
His heart stopped.
He couldn’t breathe.
He couldn’t believe that.
The name of screen was Theresa. 
Så var det klart med berättelsen. Hoppas att ni hjäler mig att fortsätta följa min dröm om att bli en författare :)
Jag längtar fortfarande för avresan till USA! 


Postat av: Anonym

Publicerad 2015-04-16 12:45:12

mycket intressant, hoppas att du fortsätter med berättelsen.

Postat av: Pauline

Publicerad 2015-08-10 23:39:12

Fortsätt!! 😄

Postat av: Pauline

Publicerad 2015-08-10 23:39:21

Fortsätt!! 😄

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